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Tips On Duration Of Residential Drug Rehabilitation Program

It is neither quick nor easy task to deal with the problem of drug addiction.Therefore, An individual with this problem are usually taken to rehabilitation centers. The time one spends in the program is a question that most people ask. Similarly, multiple factors contribute to the time that a person with addiction spend in the rehabilitation process, one being the type of residential program a person is in.

For a person in short-term residential drug rehabilitation, the time taken is shorter, and the program takes a month or 28 days to be exact. There are times when short-term residential drug and Alcohol Rehab Florida program may last for as long as 90 days depending on the patient.

When the patient last for more than three months in a residential drug rehab program, it is referred to as a long-term program.  Also, some individual takes more than  a year in the program depending on the level of their addiction.

Multiple factors contribute to the time one spends in Residential Drug Treatment Programs, and they are as stated below.

The first one is the environment at home.
For a person battling addiction, the intensity is determined by the environment at home.
The time an individual seeking to be sober stay in a rehab program is dependent on the area he is, it takes a person less time in a drug-free area than a person in a drug zone.This is because people from the environment where drugs are a problem tend to get back to doing drugs due to influence.

The seriousness of the addictions the other factor that determines the duration an individual would be in a residential drug rehab program.Levels of addiction vary among patients and this also translates to the time they would need to be free from drugs. A completely addicted individual would require more time and complex methods to be free from drugs than a person who is not a complete addict.

Another factor is the readiness for soberness exhibited by an individual. Accepting and admitting you have a problem is the first step to fight drug addiction as it becomes easier to seek help from a specialist and joining a rehab program. It becomes easier to be free from drugs when there is the willingness to be sober. Besides, it takes less time for a patient in the program.

Time in the rehab program is also determined by the methods that are used. There are various methods used by rehabilitation centers to treat drug addiction patients. Therefore, for a specific method of treatment, it takes a specified amount of time.

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